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 Research project

Material Type Article

Accepted project:

  1. I​II-V Self-Assembled Quantum Dot Lasers (Accepted by KACST through NSTIP program, KACST).


Completed projects
  1. ​Principal investigator: Development of Emerging III-V Bismide nanostructured Semiconductors for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Spintronics applications (2012-2014, KACST (NSTIP project))
  2. Principal investigator: Milling parameters optimization for the preparation of ZnFe2O4 nanocrystalline ( 2010-2011, Al-imam University grant)
  3. Principal investigator: Milling parameters optimization for Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles, (2009-2010, CEREM grant, King Saud University)
  4. Principal investigator: Structural and magnetic properties of iron oxides nanoparticles obtained by milling (2008-2010, KACST internal project).
  5. Principal investigator: Preparation of hematite nanocrystalline from goethite by ball milling (2008-2010, Al-imam University grant).
  6. ​Principal investigator: Gamma radiation effect on magnetic properties of thin film (2006-2008, KACST internal project)


Submitted project for grant:

  1. Heavy metals and organic polluantspollutants removal from wastewater by functionalized iron oxides/ferrite nanocrystallines (submitted to NSTIP program, KACST).
Author M Lemine
Release Date 03/07/1436
Source Faculty Member Staff
Publishers Lemine